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       Fresh products, a menu which is simple but renewed daily, local recipes revisited, this is the spirit of the table of the Hôtel du Commerce. The chef concocts his recipes with the best the market and the season have to offer. He is truly dedicated to promote the local products, coming if possible, from short supply circuits and to propose dishes which are classical, tasty and innovative.

       In addition to the daily menus, special formulas may be composed, upon request, for the groups or  special occasions.


       As for the wine cellar, the Hôtel du Commerce proposes to discover the products, not always well-known of the Auvergne vineyards and also allows to appreciate its favorites for the out-of-region productions.


► For lunch, from Tuesday to Sunday,

for diner friday & saturday

► For others evening, upon reservation

► Holidays contact us

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► Formula starter + main course or main course + dessert : 21,00 €
► Formula starter + main course + dessert: 25,00 €
► Unique dish: 15.90 €


The hotel may be privatised and has spaces

that can be made private for a meeting or

an event (birthday, wedding, baptism, etc.)

A dedicated menu can be composed upon request !

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