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The favorite spots to see of the Hôtel du Commerce

There is a lot to see and to do in Volvic and in the surrounding area. For all the ages, all the  aspirations and at every time of the year.  From hiking, of course, in the volcanoes park, to the aquatic activities and a visit of the castles, of the museums, of entertaining and/or educational sites, the discovery of ancient centres… The list below is far from exhaustive « we have not yet seen everything ! », so let your instinct be your guide and  visit the websites  of the tourist organizations.

► For all those who are curious

* La grotte de la pierre, (The stone cave), Volvic
* Le volcan de Lemptégy, Saint-Ours-les-Roches (The volcano of Lemptégy)
* Vulcania, Saint-Ours-les-Roches
* The Michelin adventure, Clermont-Ferrand
* … and then also Marie, the grocery next to the hotel.

► For those who like to move

* Geocaching, tresor hunt with GPS, rental of mountain bikes, classical or electrical, on the Parc de la Source, Volvic.
* Rental of kayaks to hike while paddling on the Sioule, Menat
* Many boating activities at the dam des Fades-Besserve, Miremont
* Le gour de Tazenat, crater lake, Charbonnière-les-Vieilles
* Hiking in the  gorges of the Ambène, Enval
* Le Puy de Dôme, on foot or by panoramic train; at the top, visit of the space of the Temple of Mercure.

► For those who love art, old stones, and all that is is simply beautiful

* Sahut museum, Volvic and the Mandet museum, Riom
* The Volvic cemetary, for the work of the stone carvers …
* The castle of Tournoël, Volvic ; the castle of Chazeron, Loubeyrat; the castle Dauphin, Pontgibaud
* The Courtadon sculptor’s workshop, Volvic station
* The visits of Riom and of Clermont-Ferrand

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